"A boy without a country, a boy well travelled."

Melbourne-based photographer Sudeep Lingamneni lets his Indian heritage, American upbringing and international 'citizenship' inform his work. Part Indian, part American and part Australian, Sudeep Lingamneni is the perfect example of the sort of 21st Century international citizen we are all rapidly becoming, effortlessly bridging dramatically different cultures as he seeks a greater truth through creativity. 

Sudeep refers to himself both as "a boy name sue" and "a boy without a country", monikers that are not designed to make him sound cool, but that echo his position as one of the society's exiles. Here is someone who slipped through the cracks of physical and notional borders, unexpectedly finding himself in no man's land.

Now a gifted and self-taught photographer, visual designer and music producer, Sudeep spent most of his adult life struggling to find a place to call home. It has been a long road to acceptance of his art and status for Sudeep, one he travelled harder than most.

"I understand collaboration is the key to progressive work. I seek out opportunities to work with organisations looking for fresh perspectives and compelling concepts. From individual talents through to nonprofit sectors to art, design and music labels, I'm eager to combine efforts with others in the spirit of presenting concrete ideas in the best possible way."

Sudeep is available for commissions worldwide, and he welcomes the opportunity to bring his work to a broader audience via festivals and exhibits. He is interested in the place where advertising, photography, content marketing and social media converge.

This website is being updated. Only a small selection of work is presented here so far; more will be added in the next few weeks.

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